Much like Roman Catholics use the rosary to count the mysteries, a Buddhist uses a Buddhist bracelet to count the number of mantras while meditating. While this bracelet holds significance for many Buddhists, other people are using these beads for… Continue reading

Not many stores sell baseball bracelets and their accessories. This is because these bracelets can be a DIY project. Making these bracelets is easy and we can even make a lot of these to be given to our friends and… Continue reading

A Charriol bracelet is not only a status symbol. It is a symbol of style and elegance. This bracelet – fundamentally made of twisted cable – is unique and has spawned many copies by jewelry manufacturers around the world. I… Continue reading

A person’s way to show how much he or she cares for his or her best friend is through giving BFF bracelets and, in turn, the giver of the bracelet wears an identical bracelet, too. This means to show how… Continue reading

A Balenciaga bracelet is a very elegant keepsake that has all the earmarks of intricacy and sophistication exemplified by all Balenciaga fashion apparel and accessories. While we can wear the bracelet on an ordinary day, we might feel a bit… Continue reading

The term African bracelets is quite broad. Essentially, the definition of these bracelets is that they are made in Africa. Another definition would be that the bracelets are made elsewhere all over the world, but have African characteristics. Whatever the… Continue reading

Wearing couples bracelets is a stylish way to show to the world that two people are committed to each other. My boyfriend and I have been together for many years and we have a couple of matching t-shirts and some… Continue reading

I have learned about these Charriol bracelets when I was shopping online for a gift for my girlfriend. It caught my attention because the material used for making the bracelet is steel cable, you know, the one that is usually… Continue reading

If you are an athlete or a gym buff, you have probably heard of CPrime bracelet, a power bracelet that helps improve strength, balance, and flexibility. I have seen a couple of basketball players wearing this bracelet or the Power… Continue reading

If you are looking for something that you can give to your little princess, you should consider giving a Disney charm bracelet that includes some of the most popular Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, the Disney princesses, Bambi, and… Continue reading

I love DIY and craft projects and my next project is making fabric bracelets. As what you can guess from the name, these bracelets are made of scrap fabrics, which means you do not need to spend a lot of… Continue reading

Making and wearing Hippie bracelets during my childhood years made me happy whenever I remembered the memories associated with it. My earlier years as a girl will never be the same without the colorful crochet yarns, the books teaching me… Continue reading

Nothing beats the idea of giving your special someone personalized initial bracelets. I remember receiving this kind of bracelet during my boyfriend and I’s first month together and the look on my face will forever be priceless for him. I… Continue reading

The Mantra

Wearing inspirational bracelets everyday is important for me because whenever I see it in my arm, it reminds me of my goals and dreams in life. Being inspired doesn’t mean you have to be happy always, because sometimes,… Continue reading

Sabona bracelet, produced by the ultimate manufacturer, Sabona of London, Inc., is a fashionable jewelry made of copper and magnet. Founded in 1959, Sabona made quite an impact among the jewelry business because of its products’ uniqueness, quality and elegance.… Continue reading

Being raised as a catholic, it is important for me to stay connected with my belief in God by wearing saint bracelets. It is not easy, I tell you. The stress work gives me, the endless nights partying with friends,… Continue reading